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SIFK runs free Help groups, Weekly Support Meetings, Online Forums, Blogs, Volunteer Helplines, and over 50 NGOs across the globe and thus supports and SAVES INDIAN FAMILIES.

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Life is precious!

Striving for happiness is highest form of “Karma” and Courage to live is purest form of “Ahimsa”. If you have any thoughts of hopelessness, call us for FREE 24×7 help.


International Men's Day

International Men’s Day on Nov 19 and Universal Children’s Day on Nov 20 forms a 48 hour celebration of men and children respectively and of the special relationships they share.

We Shape the future through Knowledge Creation and Dissemination

The research leads with actionable insights which shape strategic philanthropy and move the needle on sustainable development outcomes across India. Our focus is on sector-based research, mapping the landscape of critical issue areas and identifies high potential non-profits through due diligence. We influence the strategic philanthropy narrative through creative media and our convening ability for social impact.

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