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  • Fri

    Ahinsa Dharna (2nd Oct 2015) Stop Violence Against Men and Boys

    10 AM - 1 PMTown Hall, Bangalore

    Join us for a peaceful protest against the violence that have surged due to lack of checks and balance in pro-women laws. A man when raped by a women cant file any complaint, a man subjected to physical , emotional and financial abuse cannot file Domestic Violence complaint. When tortured by wife for more and more money cannot file harassment case, when subjected to second grade treatment like a sex object at office by a women co-worker cannot approach sexual harassment at workplace committee, cant get equal parenting in a husband-wife dispute, cant get justice when in-laws/wife/girlfriend abate a man to commit suicide.


    Its all violence against men and boys and Men have no access to these laws that women readily have. This Dharna is for all the violence that is arising out of the helplessness Men are into today in our country !

    Come join us for STAYGRAHA - Vashnav Jan To Tene Kahiye Je Peet Parayi Jaane Re !!